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Building of Radue Optometrists in East London
V&T Radue Optometrists in Vincent, East London

The Radue Optometrist group was born out of a long history of optometric services to the community of the Eastern Cape.


Shop 11
Kwantu Centre
040 653 8815
079 726 0189

5 Masonic Shopping Centre
Bell Street
047 491 0371

Shop No.4 Cambridge Square
East London
043 726 3937

32 A Robinson Road
045 010 0001

Shop 7
Peddie Plaza
064 729 8749

9 Gluckman Road
Port Alfred
046 624 4558

35 Ayliff Street
King Williams Town
043 642 1558
076 126 5029

Shop 4 43 Hill Street Stutterheim 043 683 2275 064 897 7487

47 Western Avenue
East London
043 726 8042

The Radue Optometrist group was born out of a long history of optometric services to the community of the Eastern Cape.

The original practice was located in Qonce (formally King Williams Town) and was founded in the 1950’s by Mr Don Parker a practicing optician.

In 1976 Dr Chris Faul joined the business and began to grow and expand the footprint of the business, by establishing branches in Stutterheim and Alice in the late 1970’s.

Mr Parker retired and in 1985 Mr Dean Radue joined Dr Chris Faul in the King Williams Town branch. The duo grew the branches by providing more regular and professional service to all branches.

In 1990 Dr Faul left and Mr Radue assumed the role of sole business owner. New and updated equipment was added to improve the service to our patients. New branches were established in Port Alfred and Peddie in 2004. A new branch was added in 2011 located in Cambridge, East London.

In 2012 Radue Optometrists expanded by way of acquisition of V and T Optometrists with branches in Vincent, East London and Butterworth.

V and T Optometrists had evolved out of Veen Optometrists, an optometric business established by Mr David Veen in the 1970’s and later purchased by Mr Mike Thomlinson in the 1980’s when Mr Veen emigrated to the United Kingdom, thus formed V and T Optometrists.

In the early 1990’s Mr Thomlinson established the Butterworth branch of V and T Optometrists. Subsequently V and T Optometrists was absorbed to form part of the Radue Optometrist group with a footprint from Port Alfred into the former Transkei.

In 2010 Mr Marnus Dames joined the group. Subsequently Mr Dames became a partner in the group and a new branch of the Radue group was opened in Komani (formerly Queenstown) in 2021 named Radue and Dames Optometrists  giving the group a presence further inland.

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