Eastern Cape Optometrists

The Radue Optometrist group was born out of a long history of optometric services to the community of the Eastern Cape. The original practice was located in Qonce (formally King Williams Town) and was founded in the 1950’s.

Today the Radue Optometrist group has a footprint from Port Alfred into the former Transkei.



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Cambridge, East London

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Komani (Queenstown)

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Port Alfred

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Qonce (King Williams Town)

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Vincent, East London

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Services We Offer

We are Eastern Cape optometrists who pride ourselves on the provision of professional and caring service towards our patients.

Ocular examination and vision testing

Appropriate referrals to specialists when needed

Optometrist doin an eye test

Screening for glaucoma

Screening for ocular diabetic retinopathy

The Radue Optometrist group prides itself on the provision of professional and caring service towards our patients. The group is established on the basis of 60 plus years of quality and consistent service to local communities and an expansion of that ethos into new areas.

The group is socially aware and involved with the provision of optometric services in the public sector as well as the provision of very cost effective budget and economy line spectacles privately.

The Group provides a range of professional services including ocular examination and vision testing, screening for glaucoma and ocular diabetic retinopathy and other ocular conditions and appropriate referrals to specialists when needed. Additionally on request the group will perform school visual screenings.

The Port Alfred branch screens for watercraft skippers licence applicants and regularly screens candidate aviators and aviators from the 43 Air School outside Port Alfred.

The Group offers a large range of branded and generic quality prescription and sunglass frames as well as a variety of branded and generic lenses. A wide range of contact lenses and contact lens solutions are also available.

The Radue Group has established its own free form digital optical lens manufacturing laboratory ensuring it has the most up to date lens designs and can offer cost effective, efficient and speedy service to its patients and consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should preferably have a full visual examination every two years.
  • Children should idealy have a visual examination prior to entering school.
  • Diabetics and glaucoma patients should be having regular examinations, preferably every year.

You will need a full visual screening examination after which you will be provided with an saoa completed form by the optometrist which you can hand in at the Traffic Department. It is important  to ensure you bring your ID or current drivers licence.

Appointments are preferable, but we will attend to patients whom walk in.

There are many different lenses, different materials, designs and lens enhancements. These will include single vision, bifocal, multifocal, office and contact lenses. It would also include plastic, glass, high refractive index, and trilogy materials. The optometrist will advise you after examination regarding these various options that are available and what are the best in your particular case.

There are many specialized lens enhancements. These include photochromatic tints (lenses that change darker outdoors), hard coatings, anti reflex coatings, fixed tints, polarized tints, blue control  and many others. There are various lens materials such as plastic, high refractive index plastic (for thinner lenses) and trilogy (impact resistant lenses).

These are various names given to a new computer assisted digitally enhanced manufacturing process of lenses. Radue Optometrists  has established its own manufacturing plant which uses this technology.

No. You will require a full contact lens evaluation  to determine if you are suitable to wear contact lenses.

The costs of contact lenses varies depending on the type of contact lenses that are compatible with your eyes. In order to determine the costs one first needs to have a full contact lens evaluation.

The cost of any spectacles depends on the products chosen and prescribed.  Radue Optometrists offers excellent, affordable and cost competitive package deals for single vision, bifocal and multifocal spectacles for patients whom would like to restrict the costs. We also offer branded frames and lenses for those patients wishing to purchase a more upmarket product.

Radue Optometrists accept all medical aids. Your medical aid benefit and choice of product will determine whether your spectacles are fully covered or whether you will need to pay in.

No, you may not get over the counter sunglasses on medical aid. In certain cases medical aid may pay for prescription sunglasses when required for a specific ocular condition.

Yes. Lay-byes are widely used in our network of practices.

You may pay by cash, lay-bye, credit or debit card, Edcon or Jet cards.

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